Friday, 31 October 2014

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[APP] Themed Swiftkey Keyboard V12

So even after Swiftkey keyboard got updated with new themes still none of them was good enough so I decided to theme it myself. I came up with these designs.

You can view the updated full set of themes here:

Based on newest official version

Some small fixes on Android L theme, added space bar icon.
New dark and dark red Android L themes.

New android L theme. 

Updated to latest swiftkey

Updated to latest swiftkey
Added full white theme.
Some fixes.

Updated to latest swiftkey
Added support for any resolution phone
Added Full Black and Sense Black themes.


Fixed some drawables not fully matching on dark red theme.
Fixed minimal blue
Re-added Holo and cobalt due to request.
Changed Minimal and Dark Orange colour to lighter tone (wasn't showing as good as it was on sense orange).
This release includes many tweaks and improvements to nearly all the themes, including:
   -Slider is now themed in all coloured themes.
   -Dark themes have been greatly modified to make them less instrusive, less distracting with nicer looking popups.
   -Some colour corrections on some themes,  lighter upper characters on Google theme,
   - Themed colour and Increased transparency of Flow's Trace on Sense and Minimal themes and modified colours of traces on Google themes.
Added Sense Orange and Sense Purple due to several requests.
Removed all remaining stock themes, Dark Red is now default for new users.

App signed now with a personal private key to improve security, as a downside you must uninstall previous version to be able to install this one.
Fixed (,!?) icon not themed on Google and minimal themes
Added Google red, blue, green and yellow themes.
Added Dark and Minimal Gray themes for those you dont like colour on their keyboards.
Added Sense theme And Sense theme with four colour accents (blue, green, yellow and red).

Added Google theme.
Added Minimal themes (6 colours).

Tweaked red theme (not so vibrant, more pleasant for your eyes)
Removed some unnecesary stock themes to make the package lighter (you wont use them anyway).

Added 5 more themes (Dark Blue, Dark Orange, Dark Purple, Dark Green, Dark Yellow).
Fixed Theme names under theme chooser.

Initial version, added "Dark Red" Theme under "neon"
Based on Swiftkey version


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